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Project Background

We are delighted to have received funding from Creative Ireland to begin a creative climate project with our project partners, Dingle Hub and Dr. Clare Watson. Over the next two years we will bring together members of our community to explore what makes this tombolo special, how it is changing under the twin pressures of climate change and biodiversity loss, and what new perspectives and actions we can engage with to support and protect our home and way of life. We are bringing together scientific knowledge and artistic processes, exploring how this creative approach can facilitate new ways of connecting to each other and our place, ultimately supporting us to co-create a vision and adaption plan for the future of Maharees that we can all contribute to. 

We invite eight people living and/ or working in Maharees to join us on this journey!

Project Aims

Ultimately, this project aims to facilitate a creative, consensus-based approach to adaptation strategies and solutions that enable the communities of Maharees to adapt and thrive in the face of climate change. We believe there are three ways to achieve this:

Amplifying our appreciation for the environmental sensitivity and biodiversity value of Irish coastal areas

Deepening our understanding of the future impacts of climate change on the Maharees tombolo and the role we can play as a community in achieving climate resilience
Exploring how creativity can support community-led action and sharing our knowledge with other coastal communities by engaging in a process of reflective learning as a group

Creative Coastal Resilience is a recipient of the Creative Climate Action Fund, an initiative from the Creative Ireland Programme. It is funded by the Department of Tourism, Culture, Arts, Gaeltacht, Sport and Media in collaboration with the Department of the Environment, Climate and Communications. Further information on the Climate Action Fund is available at the following link: